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Why buy wholesale goods from us?

  • Professional & Leading company.

    Founded in the year of 2001, we have been the online reliable seller for game accessories for customers worldwide for many years. We are professional in dealing with all kinds of game accessories. We split up the jobs of packing, sales, answering emails, and online support. There is a technical group in, who can help you for any questions you may have for technical problems.

  • Secure Payment Method

    We accept Paypal for wholesale orders. Your payments transactions are 100% secure by Paypal processors. Also, you can choose T/T for your order too, just as what you prefer.

  • Low price & Quick dispatch & No Delay & Online tracking number

    We can do at factory direct price for your wholesale orders. Our lead time for your order is within 2 days. We always choose UPS, DHL, Fedex or EMS for the shipping. Nomrally, you can receive your order in about 3 business days.

  • Excellent Service

    All of the emails will be responded within at most 12 hours. The most important is that we provide exceptional one-to-one customer service, by online support/MSN chatting tools. It will be much more convenient and faster for all of your questions to be answered that way.

    Contact us now for your wholesale inquiry and order. We can promise that is your best option!!!

  • We should remember a number of things before we buy gadgets online. The site may look like it is trusted, but we never know. We should not be lured of what we see. But, we should also look beyond the line. First, we should determine the seller. We should make sure that it is legitimate and authorized. Second, we should make sure that the item really works. We are not sure because we cannot try it online. The descriptions written may not be true, thus, we should not be easily misrepresented. Third, we should not assume that the same item are of the same condition. We could check the photos and descriptions, if available. Fourth, we should negotiate the price. If we can save buying online, then may be it is the right choice. But, if the price and quality are just the same in shops nearest you, then may be the latter is the best option. To be sure with your gadgets, check

    The way we shop was already revolutionized by the Internet. Since we could get numerous advantages and benefits from the Internet, probably most of us would prefer to buy our stuff online instead of the conventional method of going from one store to the other. What are some reasons why we love online shopping? Well, first and foremost, we want to have a comfortable life. We seemed to be very busy with our daily works. Shopping may be time consuming. Yet making it online gives us more convenience since there is no time limit. In fact, we can shop 24/7!

    Furthermore, we can find great deals that are available online. Some products are direct from manufacturers which mean that we can be given better prices. Plus, the choices are amazing since we are given more variety! We don’t need to go to several physical stores, since we can find what we want in an instance and we can even compare the prices of the various things. We don’t need to deal with the crowd that we can shop even with our pajamas on. But, out of its advantages come with major drawback. All you have to do is to be aware. Otherwise, you will be a victim of fraud. If you want to have a great shopping experience, search online shopping sites on a free web directory submission.

Featured Products

Buy featured products from us at factory direct price, with free shipping if you want. You can choose R4i/R4DS, M3 Real series, DSTT/DSTTi, Acekard 2/AK2i, PSP LCD, Dreambox, Wii Modchip, PS2 momery card here, with top quality, lowest price, fast same day shipping!!! Order now!!!



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  • New 7 LED Colors Hello Kitty Digital Alarm clock


  • Mini Google Internet TV Box WIFI Media Player (for Android 2.3)


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